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Up Before Dawn

Lately I’ve been getting up well before dawn, sometimes as early as two in the morning. Even if I go to bed later, I am still up super early. It actually doesn’t bother me to much, except for the sleepiness during the day. But I like the early morning.

Nonetheless, I am trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule. I went to see my doctor about my insomnia, and we will do a sleep study if I continue to have problems with it. I have periods of insomnia, but not usually for this long.

I suspect I am somewhat manic, for the past few months. I tend to focus on one thing to the exclusion of everything else. It’s great for projects, which I have done lately, but I’ve also been wasting time playing video games.

I prefer to be spending my time doing things that I consider to be useful. Like learning a new subject.


What do you think?

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  1. One thing I noticed is when I tend to keep myself awake even if I already feel sleepy because I have to finish something, the more that i could no longer sleep well. So whenever I get sleepy, I would already go to bed. I also wake up early because I need to travel to work.

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