Unto The Third Generation – part 10

With Eric gone, Sam and John were really having to work.  David, with his superior attitude, was making things difficult.

Sam and John, who had entered the business after graduating High School, had relied on Daddy and Eric.  They did what they were told, and made no attempt to go beyond their narrow borders.

David, who had never worked and held a sense of entitlement, didn’t see why he should have to be at the office more than a few afternoons a week.

As time passed the prestige of the company fell and customers were doing their best NOT to deal with any Rashford company.

When it was clear that the company would soon lose  its monopolies, Sam and John made a similar decision that Eric had.

They gave their shares to their children, sold what they could, and moved away.

Unlike Eric who was forty five when he ran, Sam was sixty two and John was fifty nine.  They ought have run twenty years ago, as Eric had.

David,who was on his third wife,  and never interested in business, thought  he was now the Chairman. But his nephews and nieces had no respect  for him.

After making a fool of himself at a Board meeting arguing about what he didn’t know, he turned his shares over to his children.

The company now had twelve owners.  None of the Grand Children of Edward knew anything about running a business, nor cared. They only knew how to spend money.


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