United States : Cosmetic surgery took the life of a beautiful woman

United States : 35-year-old Lara Ovila, contacted renowned Rhino Plasti center, located in Joris, Mexico City, Which operate cheaper cosmetic surgery than America, the woman had to do cosmetic surgery of nose and chest here.

As soon as the woman was diagnosed with surgery, it was found that there was an error in the anesthesia process, which swollen on her minds and severely damaged the brain. According to the Lara’s sister, the surgeon inject the injection in lung’s spinal cord which was in a wrong place, then the Lara’s brain began to affect, then the kidneys were disrupted and she had a severe heart attack.

Clinic doctors said that as soon as the anesthesia ended, all will be correct, but the Lara’s nature worsened and ventilator help taken but  she could not survive and finally loss her life.

Every year thousands of people go to Mexico for plastic and cosmetic surgery because there is a $ 10,000 operation in just two to three thousand dollars.

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