The Tides of Friendship Change

The tides of friendship change
And no ones to blame

Some people come into our life for a

Season leaving footprints in our heart

And quietly walk out

In little ways and big.

The tides of friendship change

And people grow apart

If the friendship wasn’t meant to last

Ten years can seem like a twinkling of an eye

When it feels like it’s time to say goodbye.

But each thing happens for a reason

And each person is brought into our life

To enrich us

To teach us some lesson

And sometimes

Quietly or not so quietly

They must leave.

The tides of friendship change

And no one’s to blame

The Lord moves us in different directions

And what used to be six hour conversations

Comes to silence

Or Arguments about nothing really

Broken faith

And broken dreams

Sometimes lead us away

But even though the tides of friendship change

I thank the Lord for the friends new and old


Copyright Michelle R Kidwell


1:44 A.M PST


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