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The Sun

The Sun can lift you up after rain and dismal weather. Its also true that the Sun can burn and blister..

The Sun can cause growth of vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers and trees and natural beauty.

In the same breath the Sun can cause with a dry wind to wither and perish.

So, if you come to this beautiful country of New Zealand – be aware! The sun is both a blessing and a curse!

It can make you well and give you vitamin D or you can become very sick and have to go to hospital.

Read this post to learn what you must do.

#1 Piha

Piha is a popular West Auckland beach. Many go here for sunshine and sea. You see how bright the blue is!

Normal, and in the summer, way up in space, no ozone to protect those in New Zealand under the sun. Even dogs get burnt and cats as well. There is an ozone over New Zealand and also Australia. 

The spray cans people use, kill the ozone way up in space and so people who live under this hole, burn. It doesn't discriminate with skin colour either!

New Zealand has the worst skin cancer in the world. That is why.

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#2 Muriwai Beach

This is another Auckland West Coast Beach - Muriwai.

Notice the wet suits! They are people about to surf. Not only protects from the sun and cold. Surfers go out a long way.

Looking closing some are in bathing suits or togs. Before you go out in the sun, put suntan lotion that is water proof on your face and body. Get a high SF ultra violet ray protective cream. 

Literally saves your bacon!

Burnt skin is painful and not at all fun.

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#3 Browns Bay Beach North Shore Auckland

Cover up

Protect yourself from the sun and wear a hat.

Sun stroke is a very painful headache.

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#4 Hunua Falls South East Auckland inland.

Next, drink plenty of water.

In the heat and hot sun water gives life. Your body is mainly made up of water.

Soda and sweet sugary drinks just make you more thirsty. Water is best.

When you are too hot go under the shade and park the car under the shade if you can

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#5 Mangawhai Heads

Dont avoid the sun but taken in small doses with proper care can heal the body and lift the soul.

Over done is being burned.

Pillows under the sun can become healthier pillows. Washing aired in the open is much healthier. 

Everyone needs the sun.

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Written by Pamela Moresby

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  1. Everything has its own positive and negative sides. However, we must address wisely both sides of it. I quite often enjoy the beauty of NZ through various media that should be proud of its citizens even though behind it there are also threats… Hope you stay healthy, Pamela!


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