The Played – 15

One of the many mistakes Simone made, was that she compared Errol, her  cousin’s husband,  to Damian.

Errol had been no body, with no future in Jamaica. Claudia had gone to Jamaica, met him,  married him, and imported him into America.

Damian was  citizen, and had a future.  He was not simply good looking, he  was intelligent, ambitious and had his own plans.

Simone didn’t realise that Claudia owned Errol because he had no skills or education.   If she tossed him out he couldn’t be anything beyond a manual labourer.   Errol  was content in his life as ‘pet.’

Had Errol wanted to be something, his owner, Claudia would not  ‘allow’  it.   If Errol could stand on his own two feet, he could also use them to walk out on her.

Simone misread Damian.

She thought  if she helped him he would be eternally grateful to her.   So she married him.


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