The Cost of a Run – 3

I stood there, looking after Shelly, realising that this morning, those three hours she spent away from the office, was when she had packed and left.


I was going to have the drama, but everyone was looking at us, so I nodded.

I nodded, went out, went home.  As expected, I found her stuff missing.  As  I was tired and confused, I decided to go to bed and deal with the situation tomorrow.

Tomorrow came.

I made an opportunity to get Shelly alone, and ask what was happening.  She said she needed space.   Okay.  Space.

The next day, we spoke, no drama.   She repeated her ‘space’ story.  Although I apologised for what I’d said,  tried to bring her back into my life, she wanted the pause.

So, I gave her a pause,  I went running with Vickie.

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