Synchronicities and Free Will

Something has been bothering me lately about synchronicity. Do synchronicities show we have no free will? Sometimes everything just feels “set up” to me. For instance, if I read a book and the same day I watch a video and get the same bit of information (while the two sources are on completely different topics), what does that mean? If I bought the book four months ago, and just started reading it, and then I see the same thing that day, it feels like the whole situation was set up.

It really bothers me sometimes. It makes me feel like my life is set up, and I have no free will. Especially when I suddenly look at the clock and it is a canonical number, what prompted me to look at the clock at that moment? Dis I have a choice to look at the clock at that time? Occasionally I feel the urge to look, and I choose NOT to. Then a few minutes later I look and it’s that specific time again. I can’t fool the Universe it seems. Sometimes it feels like I am merely a puppet in a play.

I have two choices: either I can feel lost to fate, or I can chose to act as if I have free will. Otherwise I would be giving up. So I choose to believe I have free will, and live my life accordingly.

Another way I sometimes look at is is this: I have a fate, yet I also have a degree of free will. Some things I have no control over, and some things I do. I’ve never had a problem with things like gravity. I can only jump so high. To have restrictions in my life due to fate shouldn’t feel any different than restrictions due to physical laws. This is also called Wyrd in the Celtic tradition. In some ways fate applies, and in other things it doesn’t.


What do you think?


Written by riverwild

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