Do You See Numbers?

Do you see numbers? I do. All the time. Although less lately, I can normally see numbers many times a day. I mean repeating numbers, like 11:11, and canonical numbers like 108 and 432. I also see special numbers like 153. These are important numbers in the universe.

Sometimes the numbers are bleeding through from the Platonic realm. Sometimes it is a message from the Universe. I can usually tell by feel if it is a message or not. Sometimes though it is just a glimpse into the Platonic realm, where the morphic fields of everything are contained and formed before they reach the material plane.

The world is created based on these numbers. Especially base 27, or three cubed, which when you keep doubling, you get the number canon of 108, 216, 432, 864 etc. These numbers are reflected in the Moon, with a radius of 1080 miles,and a diameter of 2160 miles. And the sun with a radius of 432,000 miles and diameter of 864,000 miles.

Of course these numbers aren’t exact in a dynamic world. They are IDEAL numbers.


What do you think?

Written by riverwild

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