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The Story of American First Lady and Pakistani President

American history is not incomplete without former President John F. Kennedy and his murder story. John F. Kennedy is his wife Jacqueline Kennedy’s main role in the life of John F. Kennedy, and Jackson is named with the President of Pakistan.

Last week, the US government has made nearly 2900 new documents related to its slaughtered American President, as well as a debate over the unusual and dark aspects of the past. But whenever the talks about John F. Kennedy’s last rituals, the Pakistani Sardar will also come in between. In fact, in American history, Pakistani President has also been ordered with John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy.

The story of the love of Sardar and Jacqueline is also the story of Pakistan and US diplomatic relations. In the 1960s, the former Soviet Union killed an American plane. American pilot Gary Powers revealed that he flew from Pakistan’s air base. The Soviet Union had exchange a spy Rudolffilter for this American pilot, and from here the regular relationship between Pakistan’s Soviet Union was started.

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After this incident,Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie) visited India with a four-day visit to India in March, 2001. Meanwhile, he also participated in the ninth annual Pakistani Horse and Catalan show in Lahore’s Footstorm Stadium. During this visit, former Pakistan President Ayub Khan gave him the Arabic race horse, whose name was Sardar.

The ‘Horse Diplomacy’ of Pakistan, adopted in the sixties, has been ordered in history. At this time, Queen Elizabeth was also given three high-horse horses, including a famous horse named Sultan. Recently, when the royal family issued a list of best foreign gifts to Queen, it included Sultan’s name.

Well, we return to the historical horse of Sardar, which was barded in Aga Khan Stable. Later the same horse proved to be the greatest love of the physician in animals. Jacqueline loved the name of the president on his nickname ‘Black Jack’ by his father Jack Bowyer. Jackie loved the chiefs that he had said, “This is the favorite treasure in my private monuments.

According to a book entitled ‘The Missing History of Kennedy Aire’, Jacqueline had specially requested John F Kennedy to take this horse to America. On this extraordinary request, the Republican Congressman Walter Mikey’s objection was to say that this horse is not a part of the reserve and it can not be brought to America through the Military Air Transport Service flight. But the chief was taken to the United States through an Air Force plane despite this objection. After that, Macvi said, “The Sardar has more influence than a Congressman.

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After that President Ayub Khan went to America on a diplomatic tour, he also stayed in the farmhouse of Kennedy Family, and also photographed the horse while riding the horse with his physician. The most beautiful and beautiful photos of the Jelly’s horse riding are with the head.

Legally, the US President or his family receives, legally goes to the U.S. government property. During the visit, Jackie (Jackine) was awarded several gifts, including gold necklaces. According to the White House press secretary Perry’s birthday, Jackie handed over everything to the government except the Sardar. Then special management, while first lady was told to pay about seven percent of the horse’s price as tax.

On November 22, twenty-five Thousands of events have changed Jackie’s world itself. On this Friday Jackie’s husband John F. Kennedy was shot dead by a sniper in Delos. The last rituals of John F. Kennedy are referred to as ‘Historic’. The funeral of any American President is paid under extreme protocol, but Jacques wanted to give funeral funeral ‘personal touch’ and he was allowed to violate the protocol. They wanted to pay funeral rites like Ibrahim Lincoln’s funeral.

In 1865, behind his first visit to Abraham Lincoln, his personal and favorite horse ‘Old Bob’ was also included as ‘Rider Lessons’. Only on the ‘riding lace’ horse, the saddle and the boots of Lincoln were kept. This tradition is far from Chengiz Khan. Whenever an armed soldier was killed in the war, his horse was followed behind the funeral at the time of burial.

Jackie also wanted a similar ritual to be remembered in history, including his personal horse (Sardar) in John F. Kennedy’s jungle. Jackie had many other horses but the gift given by Pakistan was part of his family.

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A journalist of the News Agency AP on Sunday November 24 called the Journalist press secretary Pamela Turner to say whether the horse involved in John F. Kennedy’s funeral was the Sardar of the Jacqueline? Because that horse was not tired. The line was constantly moving forward and its training was not like military horses. The Secretary answered yes yes that he was the chief (black jack).

One day after this scene came to normal, Pamela Turner press secretary changed his statement and said, ‘I was wrong.’ In addition, a spokesman for John F. Kennedy’s Pearl Sailinger also said that he is not a military but a proprietary horse of the army. The army also has a horse called Black Jack. According to the statement, on November 27, Jacques contacted the Secretary of Army Cyrus Venice, saying that Black Jack should be returned and shortly after the application, Black Jack was handed over to the White House. Due to these controversial statements, it is still controversial that Mr. F. Kennedy’s funeral was Sardar (Black Jack) or another soldier named ‘Black Jack’ All this was happening when Jackine was given two weeks’ time to leave the White House and he was tied up with his own children.

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Tom Putin, director of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, invited Bruce Reedle to a program in two hundred fifteen fifteen. Bruce Reedle is a senior fellow of the Brooklyn Institute of American renowned institutions. He has also served as an American secret agency as well as diplomats. Bruce Reedle was invited to talk to his book “John F. Kennedy for God’s Cruises: Tibet, the CIA, and the Daukuu Indian War”.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the links of President Ayub and Kennedy, and revealed that Tibet’s support against China was provided from an East Pakistan (Bangladesh) airport and President Ayub agreed. However, he also confirmed that in ‘Kennedy’s funeral’ Rider Less Horse ‘was not the Black Jack but the commander was the army. His interview can be read in John F. Kennedy Archives.

In addition, according to the independent investigation published by the Stencils ‘Historical Quatilla’ in the year 2000, the funeral participant participating in the ‘Lace Horse’ was Sardar. After going to the White House, the Jellyen leader had taken him to Virginia and later he was seen with the commander.

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