Shweta Patel Speak out her “#metoo

The Indian musician Anu Malik also hit by “Metoo” Singer Shweta Patel, accusing him, said that Anu Malik had sexually harassed her when she was 15 years old.

Shweta Patel, a super-hit singer have sung many super hit songs for Bollywood, said her story “MeToo”. In 2001, when she was trying to step in the Bollywood industry for initial career, at that Mr Anu Malik’s manager called her for audition for a song.

After the audition, Anu Malik told me that he would give me an opportunity to sing songs with Sunidi Chohan and Singer Shaan, but first I have to kiss them, Shweta said at that time my age was only 15 years old and I was studying school at that time and in respect i was calling Anu Malik as uncle. It was my worst experience ever in my life.

Shweta Patel said while addressing all the young girls on Twitter and I war you all to stay away from Mr Anu Malik.


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