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I was reading a novel and the author wrote something to the effect of life not happening to us when we are ready.  Life just happens.   Some things we can predict.  Day follows night, 2nd grade comes around after 1st grade.  Those are the easy things.  But love doesn’t happen to us when we want it the most – if we are blessed it happens when it is supposed to and to both of the people involved at the same time.  But what about all that happens to each of us that we are never ready for?  What happens when love dies, when we lose our parents, our spouse?  How can we respond when our heart is broken and pain has taken over our senses at the loss of a best friend or the four legged creature that has listened to our innermost thoughts and dreams?  I don’t have any answers for anyone else.  I wish I did.  I’ve been on the opposite side  of more than enough situations that I was ill prepared to handle.  It is the way of the world.  These things happen to each and every one of us – more than once – and they will happen again.  Life is messy.  It hurts and we cry and then, if we work hard and are very lucky,  we get up and move forward.  That’s what we are left with.  That is my personal answer.  I think that is what life wants from us; to show up.

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