Not alone,From now on We are special.Close your eyes and gently browse around.Here, the day we spent together.Sometimes it is hilarious or somewhat misplaced.Each one is an important memory.I will definitely never forget because I came across a smile.Continue to the future one by one.Even a dream that does not seem very likely in single.Because everyone is there, I can walk on.If you gently stare at a noisy line of sight.The truth that appears is.I feel uneasy and a little confused.Let’s step on the unshakable theory.Surely it will not change It is always like me.One by one from the past.I have irreplaceable life.Science alone can not do very much.Miracles will surely go beyond.We believe in my heart, believe in your heart.We are the one.We feel a feeling.We will be so shine forever.I will overcome one by one.Towards our mission.Each person’s heart passes through.Hope of hope is shining a line.


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Written by seriopscual

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