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Sense of Smell

It is said the sense of smell is the strongest sense we have.  The sense of smell can bring back the strongest of memories.  The way a person smells can live in your memory for your whole lifetime.   I have found this to be true.  For instance,  the smell of sage reminds me of my grandfather.  He was always burning sage when he was alive.  I relate the smell of sage to him.

My grandfather is not the only person I relate to a scent.  My husband smells like sandalwood.  Sandalwood is a very masculine scent.  Sandalwood is what a man should smell like.  It’s a strong earthy scent.

Baby power is another scent that reminds me of someone who I was close to.  It reminds of my grandmother.  Every time I smell baby powder I cannot help but think of her.

The scents of flowers or perfumes can also bring back strong memories.

Is there a scent that brings back memories for you?


What do you think?


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