Secrets of Success

A king made wise and wise people of his country and said to them that I want you to set up such curriculum to find out the principles of success of my country’s newborn. I want to see Hanoi a successful affair. Hearing this, Millions of seeds are added together and wrote a book of thousands of books to the king, a book of wisdom and wisdom.

The principles and regulations for successful success, the success of successful people, and the experiences of the people and the names of the batsmen and the jigsaw idols, the king returned, after seeing the pages of the book, that the book could not be able to give it to the youth.

Briefly, even though the old people shortened the book from thousands of pages and made them in the pages of the pages, the king refused to accept even though they brought the book shortly from the pages of pages and brought the books of twenty-four pages even after the king’s reply remained in vain.

The King reiterated his words and said to the people that these stories, stories will not teach young people the principles of success, You will not be able to find out that the endless work and the efforts of the rich people succeed in describing the true secrets in just one sentence, positive hard working is key to success, so this phrase has been declared as a principle of success and fixed It is found that this principle can be kept in harmony with the courage and attitudes towards the pursuit of success.


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Written by Moin Khan

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