SAHM and Homesick

Doe anyone ever gets homesick just being away from home? I do a lot and I have been in this state for about 8 years now. I moved to California because I am a military spouse and we have our boys, but now that both of my boys are in school I am still at home cause I can’t find a job in my area that will hire me. I have a BA in paralegal and I was trying to see if I could get something but I would have to go out of town to the city.

I am just very homesick because nowadays I don’t have friends and it’s like if I try and make them they don’t want to hang out with me or something. I am not mean or anything. I am very friendly and fun but it’s like the military world is so different and everything. I just wish sometimes that I was back home so that I could go out sometimes and hang with my friends and so that my boys could hang with their kids because it would be so much fun.

I haven’t even been able to visit home because of having no money. I try and write so that I can raise money to visit so that I can see everyone. I want friends and a life plus a career but I mean it is like I can’t because I have to think of who will watch the kids, will my spouse deploy again, or if something happens at school with the boys can I get someone to help me and get them. I am just a little crazy with leaving them with someone cause I am not all that trusting when it comes to my kids, but I mean my oldest is 9 so when he gets a little older he can be home with his brother without issues but I am waiting until he is like 12 or 13 cause I want him to be very responsible and aware of what is going on.

I am glad I am out the town I was in because there is a lot of chaos there but I would have a job and everything. I mean it is just so hard, but I am making the most of it and I am going to try and release my first novel next year. I want to self publish and then go through a company for my next book. I write a lot of short stories too and I want to share them with you all here and see if you like them. I hope that you will. I have stories on other sites too, so all my stories are all different and I love that I am so creative.

I am so grateful to be able to be home but I am long overdue and doing this for a long time unless I am going to be working from home is getting exhausting because everyone thinks that it is fun and easy until they have to do it themselves. I always tell people that this SAHM stuff is not for everyone and plus after a few years you may be begging to work or have some type of life like everyone else.


What do you think?


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  1. I feel concerned and understand your homesickness and the dilemma regarding children and work.

    I am so happy to know that you are very creative because it is a great capital to work. On the other hand, like other businesses, writing and publishing books is an attempt to get readers. I don’t know what have you done for that but I think you should do it well. Same with the reason we join this platform, this community, whatever it is, to find friends, just channel hobbies to write, or make money (even though just pennies), however, we need readers, visitors, and we have to do something for it. Do more if all that you have done has not given results yet, built closeness, moreover you are a friendly and pleasant person, or we will continue to feel lonely in a crowd.

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