Role models

In your lifetime you never know who you will meet. There are some truly wonderful people on the planet. I know you all know someone who fits that description. When I was about 26 years old. I was in New Rochelle standing in front Of A Trump building. These two men came out and I was shocked they spoke to little old me.

Somehow one of them stopped and we got to talking about him living in that awesome building. My daughter has been to a friend’s house in it. I heard such awesome things about the decor. Some who we began talking about money. I told him how low my income was although at that time I was a teachers aide. I told him I was addicted to paying my bills. He gave me advice that I never forgot.

If I saw that nice man today I would not know him. I just could not get why he was so nice to me. He will forever be my role model. pixabay


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  1. I wonder what that angel told you that is still tucked close to your heart? Would you like to share it here? You never know, you might be an angel’s voice, too, that God will use to someone who wants to be set right towards financial freedom and happiness. 🙂

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