Recycling For Money

I do know that many states in the USA do pay for plastic, tin cans and aluminum cans, paper and cardboard.

I do recycle but I do not get paid for everything here in Alabama.

While the prices the recycling center pays are not much for cardboard, paper and tin I tend to donate those. We do not get any money for plastic so all of that is donated also.

I will save all the soda cans and take those in about every month. Some months I receive more than I do on other months depending on how much they are paying per pound.

Last trip to the recycling center was a two month haul and the pay was only .35 per pound but getting paid for my trash is always a win for me.

Since the recycling center is not out of the way and right in town, I am not out of gas money either, I just make sure I am going into town anyways and do a drop off.

I have heard that some states, towns or counties, has a mandatory recycling, I wish that was the case here. For the most part only metal is recycled and the rest gets sent to the landfill and I find that sad.

Another problem is the recycling for glass, there is no place around here that accepts glass jars. I wish that they could be made to use the lids for home canning and could be saved and used exactly for that, but they aren`t so you cannot store nothing but dry foods in them, or toss them into a landfill.

I know that we all should refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle but there are so many people who doesn`t care about our earth or the future of their children and grandchildren. Its sad.

The attached photo was my last haul to the recycling center, I got enough back to buy three more 12 pack cans of diet Coke with a couple dollars left over for a burgers at McDonald`s. 🙂

So why not make a few dollars from your trash? All you have to do is toss the cans in a trash can with a trash bag inside, when its full cash out!

By Andria Perry

Photos by Andria Perry


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Written by Andria Perry

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