I always feel uncomfortable and unproductive if I don’t have a “project” to work on. Mainly because then I don’t have any goals, and I just feel like I am drifting from day to day. My projects are usually writing or researching projects, that I can do at the computer. Occasionally it involves art.

I have been “drifting” for a few months now. I decided to make improving my front yard my project for the rest of the summer. Usually my projects aren’t “hands on” activities like this. It just doesn’t seem fulfilling for some reason. Although my yard is looking better, and I am learning a few things about gardening, I just don’t feel fulfilled.

What I really want to do is write a book. My only problem is I don’t really have a focus for it. I have lots of material, but no real focus. I want the book to be on esoteric topics. I have lots of bits and pieces, but no real end goal in mind. Once I find a focus, I think the book will be relatively easy to write. Maybe I should just go through my notebooks and try to organize the material and then perhaps a focus will present itself.


What do you think?


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