Playing Him Like a Piano – part 9

Kat had already lined up a job in government after college.   She needed  to fill the spaces, fill her pockets for those seven years between now and Dami’s escape from Simone.

Damian  had dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was eight years old.   She only dreamed of being with him.  They would live happily together, have  children. She’d be with them until they entered school and then she would get some easy side job,

All that would happen, once Dami was certified and escaped Simone.

Simone, fully American, knew nothing about Jamaicans.  She never questioned  why a good looking guy like Damian would ‘fall in love’ with someone like her, overweight and not particularly pretty.   She   didn’t appreciate it was her money and the fact she was willing to support him while he attended medical school which was her only allure.

There  is a kind of snobbishness  1st world people have in  relation to those of the 3rd world.  It is belief that being from a developed nation they are too wise, too sophisticated, to be fooled by some one from a primordial society.

So  Simone would adopt Dami, give him a house to live in, food to eat,  clothes to wear, pay his tuition.  She had no inkling that after the  seven years were up, when Dami didn’t need her anymore, he would  divorce her.

Kat needed was her own version of a Simone to keep her during those  years.

She  lived with her mother, Lucy-Ann who didn’t make that much money, and Kat didn’t want to be scrimping during her Seven Year pause.

She need a man whose money she could spend.

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