Playing Him Like a Piano – part 49

Returning home from their honeymoon, Kat and Jerry had two days before returning to work.  Kat wanted a  party and inviting all their friends who couldn’t come to their wedding.

Jeremiah had no friends.

Kat had dozens.  She had told her friends, (in private) to befriend Jerry.  This was not hard as he ran the KFC and free meals were always welcome.

As his wife, Kat performed her first manipulation, that is, have him think he was setting a party for their friends who couldn’t come at the KFC where he worked.

Everyone came, the place was full.  And everyone ate their fill and were very nice to Jerry.

One of Kat’s friends had been prompted to set a ‘boy’s night out’ every Friday.

Kat had chosen Friday as Jerry got off early, as did she, and spending time with him was the last thing she wanted to do.

Further,  Dami had a few hours on Friday she could spend with him.

In response to his ‘boy’s night out’  one of her friends set a ‘girl’s night out’ on Tuesday, another convenient time for Dami which coincided with Jerry’s day off.

This meant that Jerry would be home alone all day Tuesday while she worked, and she’d not come home until late, going directly to her ‘girl’s night out’.

This gave Kat another break in her marriage.   The more time she didn’t have to spend with Jerry,  her husband, the longer the relationship could last.


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