November 2018 Memories

Sunday, November 25, 2018

At 9 am, I went on a walking group meetup at a local park, which is actually across the street from my townhouse. So, at around 8:15 am, I just walked there. I decided to take my own lunch with me, which is a hummus wrap and a can of drink. 50 people signed up for this meetup, but 44 showed up. On the walk, I saw a small snake. It had tan-colored stripes, and it was very still. 6 small dogs were a part of this walking group. At around 11 am, we returned to the park and ate our lunch. By 12:30 pm, I was back home at my computer.

I suddenly remembered that Gumby needs canned food. I decided to go to Albertsons to buy some Fancy Feast. I like to change up his food with different brands, Wellness, Fancy Feast, Trader Joe’s Holistic dry food, etc. I wrote a check, but the register didn’t like it because it exceeded the limit for writing checks, maybe because I had written a check yesterday at Mother’s Market and it hadn’t cleared yet. So, I wasted a check, and had to use a debit card. When I took my groceries to my car, I noticed I couldn’t find my car keys because they weren’t in my bag. Luckily, someone noticed I dropped it, and they brought out the keys. When I sat in my car, I didn’t see my house keys until I noticed it had fallen between the front seats.

I arrived home and decided to upload iphone photos. I noticed that my November iPhone snapshots looks like my November picture journal. Festive holiday coffee at Coffee Bean, holiday decorations at Woodbridge Center, holiday decorations at the Spectrum Center, UCI alum hangout at a Costa Mesa pub, Thanksgiving morning hike at Sandy Canyon, this morning’s hike and picnic at Mason Park, and some snapshots of colorful autumn leaves and flowers.

I liked these waffle holiday decor…

128 people stopped at Turtle Rock for a break during Thanksgiving morning hike.

My November itinerary hasn’t finished. I still have two more other meetups to attend during the last week of November.


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