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My Weight Loss Journey While Using Attain

Attain is a weight loss miracle in my opinion. This comes in powder form. It helps health conscious people stick to their healthy weight-loss goals with better chance of success. How do you ask? Attain powder is from Melalueca, which is a health and wellness company.  It helps to keep mental and physical cravings under control. It is called the carb-blocker. By reducing your craving mealtime planning should become easier. The suggestions given on the canister have helped me lose weight.

The suggestions are:

Replace a snack with an Attain shake or

Drink the shake with a small lunch.

I think they suggest that because the shake has 120 calories, and it would not be very helpful if you drank the shake with a bigger meal, in my opinion.

I have become a believer in this product in a short time. I will be updating my progress often.

Today I ate 1/2 banana with an Attain shake.

For lunch I will be eating an Italian sausage with either a salad or steamed vegetables of some kind.

For Dinner I think I may have chicken, a vegetable of some kind, beets, and maybe a small potato. I usually drink an Attain a few hours before my main meal, as well as before lunchtime.


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


  1. If you are looking to lose weight come to Venezuela on vacation, in a month you will lose many pounds or kilos with the Maduro diet.

      • Before answering your question, I want to warn you that my previous comment and this one has a certain amount of Venezuelan humor, a resource that we use to smile about the acute political and socioeconomic problems that we face today. Maduro Diet (Maduro is the surname of the President of Venezuela) we call the jobs we are going through to acquire the main foods of the basic diet product of the terrible inflation that oppresses us. Many overweight people have gone down a lot since they do not eat many of the foods that made them fat, they look very thin today, and those who were not fat look too skinny. Then, when we see a skinny friend who used to be fat, we say a little jokingly and a little seriously “Maduro’s diet is lending you,” so what we really say is that he does not eat well or goes hungry. Do not take it so seriously and smile that laughter is health

  2. I have a problem with the thyroid gland. It’s hard to lose even one pound. I start a 90-day diet that helped me. I hope you can help me now. I have to get 20 pounds.

    • Thee key that is starting to help me is that I have been walking for about an hour each day, except on weekends Thank you

  3. Interesting post. I’m not sure that you’ve ever been overweight. Well, at least I can see that from the butterfly photo… I myself have never had difficulty to lose weight, but it is quite difficult to gain weight.