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My Happy List- The little things

These are a few things to be thankful for. Natural beauty in our world around us, the sea, animals, bird song, trees, butterflies, gardens, flowers and the list goes on.

Achieving something, creating something. Improving some ones life or your own. Anything that is beautiful, hopes, loves and has faith to believe. What we can’t see, the good will come true in time. 

Always say “thanks” and remember that contentment is great gain.

#1 Black Birds

One of the birds that follow me around when Im weeding the garden

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#2 The Sea- the Wild Sea

A continual flow of waves, and currents on the shores of New Zealand.

#3 Butterflys

They are happy and content. They live simple things like flowers.

#4 Creativity

what we create with our hands. Therapeutic creation.

#5 Trees

Seldom is a poem as lovely as a tree.

I love oak trees and daffodils here in the twin oak drive of Cornwall park

#6 Flowers of any kind

These were inside a Green house in the Winter Gardens

#7 Stars

Here is one of my illustrations for "The Little Star", written by Chris Freestone. A beautiful story.

#8 Sunrise in the morning on a walk

A walk cleans the system. Gives fresh air.

#9 Natural Sea

Watching the waves from the sea.

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