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So here on virily, how are we measuring our successes. After some messages and conversations it seems like many of us are looking for different things. There is not a right or a wrong because choice is key. Still it’s a conversation that might help us help each other.

One person told me it means the world to that virilian if someone gives an upvote. So I now give that virilian upvotes, that makes him/her feel successful. Another responded that comments show this virilian that some one really read the post and that is what success means to this person. So now I concentrate on comments for that person. You get the idea.

My husband get stuck on a thing so I have been hearing about this for days. He wants to know what makes me feel successful here. It’s a tough question for me. 

This all began so the grandchildren would look back and know what I thought and who I really was. I have some posts that I believe give them a good idea and others that don’t. I am all over the map.

So my question to you and I really would love an answer in comments – what makes you feel successful here?


What do you think?


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