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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 52): Reaching for the finish

In this race that is called life, we must continue to reach for the finish line.  The race is only complete when we reach that finish line.  We cannot quit this race because we are all living right now.  We cannot turn around and go back because a race only goes forward.  We have to keep going because this life is the only life that we have been given to live.  

Nevertheless, the race becomes difficult at times.  However, we must carry on.  Here are four things that we can do in order to make this life more manageable so that life does not overwhelm us.

1. Choose to persevere.  The key to handling tough times is to persevere.  The actual solution on how to persevere is within the actual word itself.  Persevere can be split into two words:  per and severe.  Per means every.  For example, some users check Virily once per day.  Severe means harsh or extreme.  Put the two words together, it means every extreme.  Every time things seem to be extreme, you must choose to keep going each and every time.  Going through a storm is better than sitting in the storm.  You have to persevere when times are tough so that your life remains at maximum efficiency.  Decide that not quitting is an option before the tough times come.

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2. Focus on the finish.  Before you can reach for the finish line, you have to first set your sights on the finish line.  Your body will always follow your eyes.  That’s why companies advertise.  If you watch enough McDonald’s commercials, then you will eventually go to McDonald’s.  Now, to be more serious, your actions are based upon your vision.

3. Look for something new.  Boredom will prevent you from finishing the race.  Adding something new will reinvigorate your life.  I cannot tell you what that new thing could be for you because you know what you need to spark a new fire within your life.

4. Keep the right motives.  Do things with the right intentions.  There are enough resources on the Earth for everyone.  Greed is unnecessary.


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