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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 49): Absolute Perfection

The number forty-nine represents absolute perfection due to 49 being equal to seven times seven or seven squared.  The number seven represents perfection or completion.  For example, one week is seven days.  After the seven days, then the week is complete.  A perfect week is a week with seven days.  If you want to achieve this type of perfection in your life, then participate in life seven days of week.  To reach the next level of absolute perfection, then check out these four steps.

1. Keep believing.  Belief is the motivating factor that will allow for you to reach the finish line in life.  In Aesop’s famous fable ‘The Tortoise and the Hare,’ the turtle won the race at the end because he never stopped.  The turtle kept going even though the hare was way ahead.  Belief is that fuel that keeps you going even when you may not have the advantages that other people may have.

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2. Encourage others every day.  When you encourage others around you to do better on a daily basis, then that will force you to raise your own performance each and every day.  Giving others encouragement will then give you the courage to work on your own dreams in life.

3. Focus on today.  You cannot change the past because the past already happened.  You cannot change the future because the future has not happened yet.  However, the only time that you can change something around you is right now.  That is why right now is called the present; you have been given the gift of time to change things right now.  Focus is needed because you need to use your time wisely each and every day.

4. Do not become desensitized.  Each day, we are bombarded with new information.  Becoming numb to what happening in the world around you will cause for desensitization to occur.  You must choose to remain sensitive to what is happening around you so that you will be able to quickly adapt so that danger is avoided in the future.


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