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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 41): Fight for others

Throughout our daily lives, we all go through different types of situations that we must deal with in an effective matter.  However, greatness is determined when you help others fight to overcome their situations as well.  When you help others overcome, then others will help you overcome as well.  Their are certain qualities that must be exhibited so that you will be able to fight on the behalf of others.  As usual, I will give you four fundamental concepts that you can use so that you will not overwhelm yourself when fighting your battles along with helping to fight for others.

1. Be bold.  You gain confidence by overcoming obstacles within your life.  As you continue to fight and win your battles, you will then receive boldness when the next level of adversaries come out of the woodwork.  As you become bolder, you will begin to notice others around you that are going through the same exact thing that you are going through.  That boldness that you used to overcome your obstacles will then give you to courage to share with others how to win in their battles.  For example, I write about different things that have allowed for me to overcome in life so that you will be able to overcome as well.

2. Use your access.  Access is a door to opportunity.  You must use the resources that you have around you so that you will be able to use them to help others along the way.  As an example, this blog site at Virily is a resource that can be used to write something that will not only help you maintain your freedom of expression, but will also brighten up the day of those who choose to read your posts.

3. Do not quit.  Be sure to pace yourself day by day so that you do not overwork because fatigue leads to burnout.  You may have good intentions, but those intentions must be put to action in an efficient way so that you do not overwhelm yourself.

4. Do not look to take advantage of others.  When you see someone that is down, pick them up instead of keeping them down.  If you are lookng to help someone, then your motive must be to really help that person instead of seeking personal gain from the situation.

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