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Manifestation over Rebellion (Part 19): Information

Always look to acquire as much information as possible because you will never know everything about each and every topic upon this earth.  The day that you stop looking to increase your knowledge is the day that you will begin to decline.  Information is necessary to overcome complacency on a daily basis because monotony leads inconsistency.  New information will keep your mind fresh no matter what your age is at this present time.  Here are four quick tips that will allow for you to grasp information each and every day.

1. Find information.  There is no excuse to why you should not be able to gain information from day to day.  With the internet carrying every media outlet throughout the world, you are able to find information about basically anything on this globe.  Pick a topic or a theme to research every day and make this idea of seeking out information a part of your routine.

2. Apply yourself to gaining information.  You must take what you learn and put that information into action.  For example, there have been various floods that have occurred throughout the world this year, such as the huge typhoon that is going through Japan now.  Knowing the information has to be taken to the next level of applying the information.  When you apply the information, then you will realize that you should not live next to any bodies of water.

Source of Video:; Voice of America.

3.  Gain an understanding of applied information.  After applying information, then you must realize why you acted upon that information.  You must comprehend information so that you will be able to access that information whenever you may need that information in the future.  Reasoning within yourself will allow for you to filter out the information that you do not need.

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4. Be happy when you gain understanding.  Appreciate when that light bulb within your head is illuminated.  These little daily victories will allow for you to achieve a major triumph in the future.  Happiness breeds success.

Keep learning and keep reading so that information will propel you into a brighter future.


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