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Mangawhai Heads Surf Life Saving Crew

Here is a drill of these Surf life savers. They went out in the surf and were surrounded by huge walls of waves comming in.

It was an exercise but interesting to watch only a few photos today.

#1 Going out in a rubber dingy

Or is it now called an "Inflatable"?

  1. Thanks for all your kind comments, Elenka, Pradhan and Trenna. Its essential for life savers to know how to use an inflatable to rescue people in the surf if they want to be effective. I wouldn’t do it myself either. You have to know exactly what you are doing and be trained for this

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#2 Head on with the waves

With watchers near by

  1. Thanks Elenka, Pradhan and Trenna. It was a sunny normal day but this is what our surf is like. I watched the whole procedure and everyone made it back to shore safely.

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#3 Here they go

Take a look at the height of the waves.

  1. They are huge. For inexperienced people this is a threat. But for people with strong sensations this increases their adrenaline.


#4 They go straight across

Then wait for the wave to crash to go out in the surf.

Yes, its dangerous rescuing people but they train for it.

  1. Thanks Elenka and Pradhan. The people in trouble always need life savers. They go through all this training and often some are abusive to life savers. Partly pride that they had to be rescued at all. Many people are very proud and don’t like the fact they are just like everyone else, human.


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Written by Pamela Moresby


  1. Pam as always the pictures are amazing! As an avid boater I also thank you for calling attention to the heros that keep boaters and people in the water safe. Thanks!!!

    • You are right Elenka. It is an interesting experience but many will go out and surf these enormous waves or swim in it. Some people think they are immortal but they are not.