Man and the wolf, the story of loneliness.

Robin Biznis December 22.2019 Belgrade, Serbia

It is known that when a wolf is thrown out of the pack it will not be able to survive long.Because they hunt in the pack and so they come to the food.So do they with people.This is the story of a lonely woman who lived in a remote village in Eastern Serbia.She was a widow, her husband did not have a pension, so she received social assistance. She had no children. She took care of herself, sometimes a neighbour would come by to visit and help her.The houses were far away from her. So there were no frequent visits from neighbours. It is not known if she had a phone in the house, the question is whether she also had electricity produced in a dilapidated house.Mostly after about a month, people from the village wondered why they didn’t see her again.A couple of villagers left and were found dead in the apartment. They called the police and the medical team and the prosecutor.Being lonely can mean the end for anyone and not just the aforementioned wolf and this unhappy woman.It’s hard to be lonely, think about it, because man is a social being.

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