Love life, not yourself, then life will love you

Life is inseparable from changes – some of them simply come to us without asking permission, others we choose ourselves. Only after learning to accept and manage them, a person can successfully move forward. All the changes are united by one thing – they reflect the spiritual and intellectual evolution. Changes can encourage us not to lose life’s drive.

Happiness is not possible without the lightness feeling that occurs when nothing depress you: neither a life routine, a feeling of guilt or personal problems. There are no perfect people and no perfect life. Every person’s happiness is individual, but there are certain methods, practices, and thinking elements that help us to achieve it. I think this can be learned. But do not blindly apply everything we hear from a variety of “life teachers”.

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It is also important to dare to ask yourself the essential questions, to evaluate your abilities, to watch carefully how you live. Everyone who is waiting for change must learn to ask if he really needs it. Too often, what we seem to want, and what we need is different. Whether we are talking about an individual personality, your beloved one, or a business, we have to constantly ask ourselves how the changes are possible, how I find myself in this situation, what and how I can change, so that I can grow.

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There is no happy life – it’s just happy days. Therefore, we must strive for as many happy days as possible. Although it is often thought that happiness is self-knowledge or self-love, it is the ability to discover your place in life. This place is the authentic philosophy of every human being. 


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Written by Fortune

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  1. But if noone or nothing is perfect, why do things work?

    What is changing, if things are changing, and what is causing the change?

    Can perfection change?

    Life is a permutable of God, and so it rearranges, grows and changes itself within him, but for what purpose, merely to see growth happening, gives joy to God and happiness.

    God is the only one that can drive changes then, and God is perfect himself by definition, because God being God cannot make mistakes, otherwise he is not God.

    If we hope just for happy days, we will be hoping for a long time. Happiness is something that comes not from doing, but from being.

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