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Like a bird without the nest…

So gently and cautiously, like a child, he pronounced my name and caressed my hand, and his face showed endless gratitude and love – the love for his daughters. Dad was not talkative; I could understand everything from his blue like sky eyes.

He lifted up his head from the cushion, looked around the hospital ward and sighed more easily – now he was calm. He was taken care of, he was in the hospital. Dad believed that if you are in the hospital, everything will be fine. For him, the hospital was a security guarantor.

He was weak but talked about us all as if he felt it was his last conversation. Going out didn’t know I was seeing and talking to him for the last time. I kissed him before leaving; I still believed that in the morning, I will find him, but his eyes didn’t let me go.

Once again I came back, once again kissed him, and looking at him walked towards the door, trying to smile.

Those dear blue eyes do not leave me in peace till now, although passed ten years already. When the parents leave you passing away to eternity, you understand the something changes in life. It looks you are like a bird without the nest…

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  1. My father had the same fate. He died in the hospital. On the way to her I gave him the courage that everything would be fine, and that he would soon be home. He did not believe me. He only told me that this time he would not come back home. And so it gets. These memories are forever with them and grief. I’m sorry for your loss.

  2. Oh my goodness, you have explained loss so perfectly. We never want to lose anyone. Those last moments are forever etched in our mind. And we are never the same person. A bird without this nest describes the feeling very well my friend. Sorry for your loss.


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