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Hello Everyone how you all doing? Has this cold weather got you down like it has me? Well I am so OVER this stuff I’m tired of it being cold & want to get outside a spell but it seems like winter just don’t want to let go just yet & is sticking around BURRRR.

So being stuck indoors & all that I’m just doing what I enjoy doing inside & that is my crafts, my work on the computer, & playing with making me some music Cd’s & trying to get this place in order where I don’t have a cluttered MESS every where.

I’ve rearranged this place 3 times or more & so far it’s working out the way I have it but NOW I have a computer area issue that seems to not work right in my favor cause I have just SO much room for that area that I need to make it work for me.

I know some folks don’t need a lot of computer space but see here’s the deal I got, I have not a HUGE TV but a decent sized one that’s right here close by on my computer table & the wires & cable box isn’t sitting right to get to when I need to.

To make it all work like I want I need to figure out just how to make this 1 area I have come together where I have things in order like I need it to be accessible, where I don’t have to move everything under the sun to get to the wires & cable box if need be.

So to DO that I need to get another table to along the other wall like have a L shape to put the TV & cable box on along with the phone & some other stuff on I use when I’m at the computer most the day, I have a portable fold up table to do the trick.

That’s where I’m at with getting my area with the computer & tv area set up, I have the phone/cable man coming over to fix a cable problem I had with one of the cables so I just basically tore everything down & hubby is going to help me get this area in order so when the cable man shows up I’ll have it like I want it & be DONE with it. Well that’s where I am for the day thank you for stopping by have a great day/evening.


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  1. That is how I work it. I can never just sit and write on my PC I have another PC close by and that is for entertainment. I listen to music or watch a favorite show. It helps keep me inspired. Hope you’ll be enjoying the coming weekend.

    • thank you I have everything JUST about how I need it & now I have to
      see what to do with the totes I have in the way being I don’t have any
      “REAL” place to put them, but I will figure out SOMETHING that works.

      I will be finishing up the Cd music this weekend so I can get the one’s I
      borrowed back to the owner of them BEFORE they get lost in this mes
      of confusion I have going on around here so THAT will be done with.