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Amber’s pregnancy is going well, I can’t believe in just a couple of months I’ll get to hold Paisley in my arms and Little Miss is over the moon!

Little Miss started state testing today, so praying she does well with that!  I can’t believe there is only a few weeks left of this school year, it has gone by insanely fast!

I’ve started working with the kids at my Church and Little Miss is Happy because the Pastor said she can help me!  I think this will be great practice for her lol! She’s already got plans to babysit Paisley Lol!

I love living where I do now, I have no doubt that it was God who put me here, and the Church I attend is great!  Little Miss loves that she can literally go outside, see dears, climb trees and rocks, and pretend to be a wolf lol!  

I have been writing still of course, helping Little Miss with schoolwork on the days I have her, and I am still reviewing so not much new in that area!

Little Miss and Big E are both growing up fast, Big E is going to be going into his Senior Year, and he has done so well, I awarded him by getting him a Cell, and putting him on my plan!  Which he was grateful for!  


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