Is Your Life Based On a Song?

The fun thing about living with someone who is living with Alzheimer’s is that they ask some very interesting questions. Sometimes they ask them over and over. This has been the question the last couple of weeks and the funny thing is that I have been thinking about it. There are some songs that have definitely been a guiding force.

So let’s call this song “verse one”. I got married because my husband was unrelenting. When I said “no”, I love you and I just don’t see myself as getting married. I am comfortable with my life. He would buy a different ring and try again. Eventually, we married because he wore me down and it would be helpful for my brother (another story, another time) if anyone is interested.

There was only one song at our wedding and it was written by Larry John McNally and I eternally grateful. I came across it on a Don Henley album. It is a beautiful song and was something I connect with, and it was one line that stole my heart.

“To want what I have, to take what I’m given with grace, for this I pray on my  wedding day.” It is a prayer I carry in my heart. It is how, when everything else seems overwhelming a reminder “to want what I have”. Everything else is a gift.

So yes, I guess this and many other songs are guiding lights and how I live my life.

Tell me about your song.


What do you think?


Written by Ghostwriter

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