Interesting February 2018 Highlights

Thursday, March 01, 2018

As I say goodbye to February 2018, ready to move on to a brand new month and its adventures, I reflect on my February Schedule. I continue going to different meetup activities, as I try to make time to draw my graphic novel. I now have four pages left. I should have finished it by now, if I hadn’t watched the Olympics. I now look back on the February memories.

  1. Singles Awareness Day or Anti-Valentine’s Day is on February 14th, and it is for people who appreciate their freedom and independence as well as for people who are anti-commercialism and anti-capitalism. Such people are likely to celebrate their freedom and independence on a three-day holiday from the 13th to 15th.  I think I just spent that week watching the Winter Olympics as well as maybe going on occasional walking group and photography meetups.
  2. Valentine’s Day is for the other people who follow mainstream media and propaganda. It is usually celebrate on one day of being overly romantic on the 14th, which might involve fresh flowers, candy in a heart-shaped box, romantic dining, candlelight, new lingerie, enjoying some activity together, and maybe even sex with one’s spouse or lover.
  3. Lunar New Year 2018, Year of the Dog was on February 12th
  4. Winter Olympics 2018–a two-week TV event, which was relaxing as well as gave me blogging ideas.
  5. National Pizza Day
  6. Sustainability and Recycling Do-It-Yourself  outdoor workshop at UCI. I enjoy learning about recycling my old stuff into something useful, mostly because it is fun and creative.
  7. Vendor Week at UCI–Once in a while I take a stroll to the UCI campus to check out what’s new.
  8. February was Heart Awareness Month–which is important to learn about ways to improve your heart, whether via exercise, changing your diet, or both.
  9. Mardis Gras Carnaval–which is interesting but not really popular in my area because I didn’t attend any activity for this holiday.
  10. While watching the winter olympics, I learned that many Olympians adopted dogs from dog meat farms. On, Friday, February 23rd, USA Olympic Skier Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend adopted a puppy from a Dog Meat Farm in South Korea. He also adopted 5 stray dogs during the Sochi Olympics in Russia. I also remembered that other Olympians had adopted some stray dogs during the Sochi Olympics. The dog meat farm that he went to was in Siheung, South Korea. It was noted that there are currently 17,000 dog meat farms in South Korea. About 2.5 million  dogs are being raised for slaughter and dog meat. The farm that he visited is currently being permanently closed down via the collaboration of the Humane Society International, with the help of a South Korea farmer who no longer wants to slaughter dogs. Moreover, 87 lucky dogs are being sent to North America in order to find them decent homes. I hope the rest of the dog meat farms are closed down somehow as well as all the other dogs are somehow miraculously saved.


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