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Don’t you just love it when everyone second guesses a decision you make?   In this case people like to chime in about the fact that I got Little Miss a phone, she’s almost twelve now and has shown herself responsible.  But more than that I felt it was necessary and her Mom was more than okay with it, so yes I got her a phone, she is allowed to take it to school but they are kept in a secure area during class where they don’t distract the kids.

Sadly not to far from here, we have some creep who has been following around underage kids, and making highly inappropriate comments so I wanted her to have a phone to call for help if she needs to.

I have laid down the rules 1:) No Tik_Tok, 2:) No Social Media. 3:) No letting friends do any of those things with her phone, I will set her up with kids messenger. and setting up a list of a few she can content family, and a few close friends but as I said I’m doing this because I feel she needs to be able to communicate in case of an emergency.

So yes I’ll decide if I want to put my 11 and a half year old niece on my plan, and I felt it was necessary so I did.  


What do you think?


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  1. we choose to give the kids phones when they were 12 as well. The first thought we had was safety. That was a two-way street. One that they were safe using the device and the second that they were safe and able to call us in case of an emergency!

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