How Do You Define Success


The success I am saying, doesn’t mean you get it for free…

The success I meant wasn’t an easy access you get and go freely, because there is something you gat to do.

Success is something that happens as a consequence or result of something.. It is the achievement of one’s aim or goal…

Success becomes your own when you work for it, when work on your goals, and achieve…

You can’t get it when you don’t work for it, or let’s say pay a due for it..

You can’t get it, when you aren’t working hard for it enough, to the extent of getting it..

Hard work and prayers is an exchange for success.. Getting your goals, is a great success…

Achieving great things, and your purpose, it is a success..

So…. Success is always yours when you work for it..

Work very hard, but not to hard, to get it… Because it is yours…


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Written by iam_elchoko

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