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Fun facts about flowers you didn’t know!

Flowers are not only beautiful and impactful, but they are full of awesome fun facts as well. You may learn some of them just about today, others you might already know. Flowers not only offer us emotional and visual well-being, but they also have a surprising history and appeal. Did you know in some cultures, people gift flowers in a specific number? These facts are fun to know; also, they are essential to consider if you are planning for flowers gift delivery to someone from another culture. Let’s jump into these facts that would surely blow away your mind.

1. Broccoli is also a Flower

We do not consider broccoli as a flower, nor do the florists display broccoli at their shops. However, it’s a lesser-known fact that broccoli is a flower. Broccoli is harvested before their buds completely open and eaten as a vegetable. Maybe it’s time we start including broccoli in the floral organization.

2. Tulip bulbs – edible?

This is a well-known flower fact that tulip bulbs were eaten at the time of crisis during World War II. No one ever stated that tulip bulbs were excellent in taste; however, they were still eaten because of food shortage and to keep hunger at bay. They were claimed to be dry and taste awful. Also, some people used tulips to replace onions.

3. Daffodils Used As Currency

Prince Charles uses daffodils as currency; he is paid one daffodil per year as a rental for his lands off Cornwall’s coast and on the island of Scilly.

4. Have a good night sleep With Gerbera Daisies

Have a problem sleeping in the night? Try keeping gerbera daisies near your bed. Gerberas take in carbon monoxide and release oxygen, and at night, this is said to be particularly beneficial for anyone suffering from sleep apnea.

5. Fruits, Roses, and Almonds are all related

Roses are somehow related to almonds, plums, cherries, apples, peaches, nectarines, raspberries and pears. Rose hips that roses have are a berry fruit in some roses. Rose hips are used to make teas and jellies because they are rich in Vitamin C.

6. Soil Determines a Hydrangeas’ Color.

Hydrangeas’ color relies on the acidity of the soil in which it’s planted. Hydrangeas will have a pink color if the soil is too alkaline.

7. Popular flowers in China

Chinese people consider peonies as the most popular flowers. They are generally used in weddings and on other happy and auspicious occasions. One of the most popular gifting trends in China is gifting flowers to a teacher.

8. Different colors have different purposes

In England, red roses are considered a perfect romantic gift. British people also like taking flowers along whenever they get invited to someone’s house. But white lilies are avoided as they signify death.

9. Different Countries, Different colour Significance

In Arab countries, on joyous occasions like engagement, birthday and weddings, ideally gifting white flowers are considered good. Women in Arab countries cannot send flowers directly to men. They should either get them delivered in a female’s name or send flowers online.

10. Flowers- a token of love

In the United States, flowers are essential in people’s lives as they exchange gifts and flowers on festivals such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. Flowers also make up as a perfect birthday gift.

11. Flowers that smell like Chocolate

Flowers are magical, and just when you thought that they could not get any better comes along Chocolate Cosmos. These lovely dark burgundy flowers smell exactly like chocolate.

There are some other varieties of flowers that also smell like chocolate;

• Black Salsify

• Chocolate Mint

• Chocolate Orchid

• Chocolate Daisy

12. Flowers- an easy gifting option!

You might find it challenging to search for that one perfect gift, but flowers never go out of fashion. Also, you may end up buying something the other person may not like. But, flowers are that one thing that is readily available at any nearby florist or even online. Buying a bunch of flowers is easier than it has never been.

13. Flowers- The best way to convey emotions

If you want to convey your emotions to your loved ones, then flowers can be a perfect option. It’s a lovely gift to choose from and helps you express your feelings in the best possible way. Therefore, whenever you need to make a love confession to someone, just grab a bouquet and speak your heart out.

So, by now, you would be aware of some great facts about flowers, ranging from their significance in history to their importance in different parts of the world. Hence, you have a lot of reasons to send flowers to your loved ones and win their hearts.


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