Finger protectors for guitar and mandolin

If you want to play the acoustic guitar or the mandolin, the first thing that happens is that the left hand, or the hand that you play the chords with  really really hurts. Usually after a week, most students give up. I had a student on mandolin a while back that only lasted 15 minutes! He couldn’t take the pain and took up acting instead! Well maybe now he is a famous actor in Israel, but I don’t know.

Anyways, I have been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time. I think that I found it! These are finger protectors that come in three sizes, small, med and large. You put them on the hand that you play the instrument with, for me I play the chords with my left hand so I put them on all five fingers. If you play the guitar or mandolin with the hand that plays the chords with your right hand, so put them on the right hand. I also put it on my thumb so I can hold the neck better, and my hand won’t slip.

Here is a picture of me wearing the finger protectors and I am playing a steel string guitar.  Wow, what a difference. I know that I will have to practice a lot to really get the feel of playing with them, but it doesn't hurt at all and the sound is very good.  You should practice at least a half hour a day with these on so that you can move around the fingerboard fast. 

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Here is a picture of me playing the mandolin using the finger protectors.  It really makes a big difference here too!  If you play the mandolin just with your fingers, they really hurt.  So with these I didn't have any pain at all!   I also suggest that you practice a half hour a day to get the feel of the finger protectors so that you can move from chord to chord, or note to note fast and accurately. 

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  1. Yes I agree, it is a beautiful instrument but really hurts the left hand. I will have to practice with the finger protectors but I think it will be worth it in the end. When I am much better on the mandolin, I will post a video!

Here is what the finger protectors look like when I put them on.  Yes it is not really pretty and it is best that you trim the fingernails on the left hand - or the right hand, whichever you play the guitar with so that when you put the finger protectors on, you won't tear them, they are a soft rubber so yes they will tear if you are too forceful.  I chose the grey color, but you can get any color you like.  The link to Amazon to get these is under all the pictures so it is easy for you to pick these up.  

I really recommend this tool to help with your instrument playing, acousitc guitar or mandolin.  It will make playing these instruments more fun and not painful.  

If you want lessons,  on Mandolin or Guitar I am a teacher and I can teach you through Skype. QQ or Zoom.  PM and we will find a time for your lessons!

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