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Hello everyone  this has been bugging  me all morning  and instead  of thinking  about it  anymore  just jotting  it down so A. I don’t forget  and B. Still fresh in my mind. I’m not the type of person that expresses  feelings  that much or holds the bad things  in but I will get them out in some way shape or form. This friend i know is going  through  some tough times and he is pretty  much  in that dark area that nothing  matters and bad things. I feel his pain because I been there a d went threw it myself. The pain of divorce. Yea it’s a painful  time dealing  with  it hell he have kids with her as well which makes it even harder. I didn’t  have kids but was still painful when you think everything  is going so good and bam you get a knock at the door and you have been served. All you can think about is WHY!!!! Can we work this out? What can I do to make things right. Well yes there will be pain and stress and struggle. But coming  from what I went threw  was hell and that’s putting it nicely.  Then you find out that she already has another boyfriend  and now shit just got real!! Your mind goes about a million  mph. Your like what the hell I do to you to deserve  this.  Well long story short my friend there will be pain and certain  pictures  and songs will draw you back. But live is like lessons and learns you fuck up sometimes and other times you succeed and things. Don’t let your emotions  take over because if you do then you will be a hermit. Let this be a lesson  not to go to that dark place where people don’t like to be make it to where she fucked up and that’s her loss and your gain don’t let negativity  be the bully let you positivity  run wild. HOPE this helps as little bit and gets you threw. 

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