Did the Simpsons really predict Trump's death?

Simpsons is probably the most popular animated cartoon series in the world, but its popularity is not due to its episodes but to the events that took place in the world after its airing.

A similar incident was reported in the series related to the US President, and a large number of social media users have started looking for it in the series after Donald Trump’s corona, whether it involves the death of the president or not.

The series showed a man resembling Donald Trump being elected President of the United States in 2000, after which images in the series’ Trump coffin went viral on social media. But social media users who claim to have watched more than 700 episodes of the series have rejected the prediction.

They say they have not seen or heard of an incident in which Trump’s death was shown, as no episode of Simpsons has shown such an event.

Be Clear the popular American cartoon series Simpsons is a long animated series, featuring events from 9/11 to Trump’s election as president, the economic crisis and the Corona virus epidemic that lasted for years. They are happening in the world later.


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