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Develop Self-Confidence

The development of self-confidence is not difficult, but it requires first of all a desire to be self-confident, then patience and intelligent effort. Many people who are not sef-confident have no desire to be any other way. They prefer to lean on others. They are the clinging vines of nature, but they are not completely happy as there is always a feeling of inadequacy in everything they say or do. Don’t be in a hurry to become self-confident. Self-confidence is a development, and the deeper you can drive your roots, the greater will be your security when the winds of adversity become a hurricane. You remember the story of the man who tried to jump over a hill. He went a long way back, then ran so hard toward the hill that when he got there he had to lie down and rest. Then he got up and walked over the hill. Many men are always preparing, but never achieving.

Relax. Stand up with your feet apart. Let your arms and hands hang loosely in front of you. Now, raise your arms in an arc until the finger tips touch above your head, breathing in easily all the while. Hold that breath for a moment and then let the arms and hands descend in a graceful arc, meanwhile breathing out slowly. Do this a few times in a relaxed way and you will find the exercise wonderfully refreshing and stimulating for the body and mind.


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Written by Kent David

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