We all have our days.  Days when we live the good and the not so good; days when we feel that life has given us a fair shake and days when we feel that life has passed us by; days when we feel that life has treated us like royalty and days when we can’t seem to get enough resources together to pay the bills.  It is how we react to each of these days that define us.  Do we rise to the occasion or complain bitterly about how the world has failed us?  Do we forge ahead or just give up, sit down and sit back and holler uncle.

In my world the answer is that I have had each and every one of these kinds of days.  There are days that I’m not so very proud of my reactions to the world or the world’s reaction to me; and there are days when I really do believe in myself and that I shine – and it really doesn’t matter if the world can see that glow.

The truly amazing part of all of this is that I think that the older I get I am able to choose the kind of day that I am going to have – or at least the way that I react to it.  I choose joy!

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Written by Cathy Donohoue


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  1. when something off happens, it might be telling me that I need to stop the ferris wheel or carousel routine to move into a new and better direction. figuring out the new direction is sometimes the problem.

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