Dating Site – 4

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Nora Linton,  returning home from a seven pm date before eight thirty, sat on a fat chair and went over the past disasters.

There was George, who kissed her cheek as they met, gave her a  feelie kind of hug, and spent the next ten  minutes discussing sex.   She went towards the bathroom,  then raced out as if escaping hell.

There was Clark, who started talking and never stopped. After twenty minutes she had grabbed her cell, claimed an emergency, and ran into the night.

Before him was Eric,  who was so nervous and uncomfortable she did the cell phone thing nine minutes after they had met.

And before him was  Sheldon.  Things seemed normal until he started to argue with the waiter over the bill. As he got loud and obscene, she had left him.

Nora tried to recall if she had any half way normal date in the past forever, and couldn’t.

What is wrong with me?  She thought.


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Written by jaylar