Columbia Diggins

If you would have traveled to Columbia California in 1852, the town would have looked very much like this.  It was a tent/shanty town, formed by the God Miners of 1849.

The town would later have more permanent buildings of course, but during the early days it would have looked very much like Columbia Diggins. 

At one time, Columbia had been voted in to become the state capital of California, but thankfully that did not happen because if it had I believe we would have lost a lot of the history and charm of the place.  

Every year except this year due to Covid 19, they have an event that for a small fee allows you to experience what it would be like to have lived during the Gold Rush era.  It’s actually a rather fun event and worth the small fee.

Columbia Diggins was closed off for awhile due to COVID 19 but recently reopened for locals to be able to walk through.  The modern tents of course were not apart of the original shanty town, I believe they are for the park rangers who stay onsite to keep an eye on the place.

When things calm down, and restrictions are lifted, if ever given the opportunity, I hope you get a chance to visit Columbia Diggins.
*All photos taken by me on an IPad Pro…


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