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Cars in my life

Haven seen Kim’s list of cars, I cant promise too many cars to show and had to look them up. Some of them I have owned and others just driven.

I hang on to cars for a while and they are a necessity in Auckland New Zealand.

The way I see it, the way to go and remain independent with less expensive is to recycle existing cars, turn them from using petrol to electric cars. If you start from one car owner one by one, it may take a while then the air of this earth should be cleaner.

Each car should cost about $6,000 for conversion, and the ongoing costs given to the recycled tyre makers and  panel beaters. 

The Thumbnail is my Toyota Alex. 

I often used my husbands cars for trips as well..

#1 First attempt of driving.

My brother began with this car, and showed me how to drive at 15 years ago. I love these old cars. 

One person around the corner had a car like this called, "Miss Marple!"

#2 Mazda 808

I used this type as a nanny which I did not own but for personal use as well as being a nanny.

It was OK except it was faulty, some one threw a spanner in the works which is why I was given it to use. Its top speed was 55 km and up a hill 20 km. However, I was grateful for the use of it. 

#6 Toyota Alex

Had this for many years , traded it in with my husbands to swop it for one car between us. Now I do all the driving since my husbands shoulder operation. 

He can drive in small doses, takes a long time to get over a shoulder replacement.

#9 My parents with a Model T Car

One of their 1st cars, this was taken before I was even thought of around 1948

  1. The Model T is what Mum learned to drive in but Dad came along and only he got to drive, she didn’t drive again. Dad was of the opinion only men should drive but all 3 of his daughters drive and there is nothing he could do about it.



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Written by Pamela Moresby

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