Wind blows quietly in the sun.Throw the curtains of the race, it came to play. I put a light afternoon afternoon tea. It’s a wonderful time as I am waiting for you to come home. Today is your birthday. I have been counting days. There is a very special day since today. What shall I make for you?Born, this was how we met. It is not a help to thank the gods. What is the small thing that is what I can do for you. I always pray for your happiness. I kissed strawberries and put it on a cake. And I whisper it and ask it for delicious. Today is your birthday. I will put a ribbon on yourpresent. I told you that it was beautiful. Why do not I decorate it with flowers?Even if we get older, I do it by your side. I was completely born to be with you.


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Written by seriopscual

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