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Benefits of Running for Your Health

Many problems like cardiovascular disease, impaired blood pressure, overweight, etc. are associated with sedentary lifestyle of modern man. However, low physical activity can be easily replaced by a regular run which is very useful. Running involves all the major muscles of the body, improves blood circulation, causes the body to tone and enriches the blood with oxygen. With regular running, you can get rid of shortness of breath, high blood pressure and even common cold.

Running is good for the heart and cardiovascular system. In addition, running strengthens the nervous system and immune system develops a variety of muscle groups and helps to relieve stress. Especially jogging outdoors in the park or at the stadium, isolated from an excess of exhaust gases is useful. For residents of cities to run on a regular basis is important. Running with a good diet will help to effectively get rid of extra pounds.

Not all people can afford to jog. During the run the heart and lungs are working, which imposes natural restrictions on people with serious diseases of the lungs or heart. Recent surgery, joint disease, varicose veins, and flat feet – all of these ailments restrict the ability of people to run on a regular basis. Be sure to consult your doctor before you engage in a run, if you are not confident in your health status.

So, how to begin jogging? Start the first training session with a rapid run. Start at the usual distance, step by step moving to an easy pace. You can also interchange jogging with walking, giving yourself rest. When you get used to the stress, you can upgrade to a full continuous running. Jogging, it is said, is most beneficial for the joints. Try to keep your heart rate at 100-110 beats per minute, but no more than 120.


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